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Default Re: Creating new NASCOM PolyDos magnetic media

Hi Neal
Thanks for the info, most helpful.
NAS-DOS uses 16 sectors per track while PolyDos uses 18. So, you don't really want to use a NAS-DOS formatted disk
that is the kind of gottcha I was afraid of, thanks for the tip.
I think I will give it a try as you suggest. It may take a little while to get through the steps but I will let you know how I get on.

When using double sided drives, I read somewhere that PolyDos treats it as 1 track with twice the number of sectors, writing sectors 1to 18 on side A and 19to 36 on side B thus getting maximum disk capacity with minimal head movement. Do you know how PolyDos knows when to do this or not, and is it something I need to consider now, or a refinement for later?

Thanks again for your valuable insight.
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