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I have a 523A which is basically the same set but in a wooden case and with a magic eye.

These sets use a slider switch connected to the wavechange knob that runs the length of the chassis which not only switches between the bands at the front end but also between AM and FM throughout the IF strip. It may prove worthwhile to give the contacts a good squirt of contact cleaner (with the power off) and to operate the wavechange switch a number of times to clean off any crud on the contacts.

As others have noted the outer knobs are very fragile; I managed to break the volume control on my 523A and had to glue it back together and spray it with gold paint. My set came with a service invoice from the 1960s (less than 10 years old,) when one of the knobs had to be replaced along with output valve which sounds like a bit of creative servicing.

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