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Hello, I'm needing help. Just got a Cossor 524. Smashing looking radio imo. But as most unused old radios, it was looking rather tired. But once I'd cleaned it off a !ittle, under all the muck a nice radio appeared. I'm a novice at this pastime so after changing the usual waxy caps, three obvious ones to start with I got a couple of stations on both long and medium waves. Not brilliant, but reception all the same, a bit of a hum, and not a great deal of volume. But for me that's a great result. But sadly it wasn't to last, because the next time I switched it on, nothing other than the slight humming I had at the very beginning is all I had.

I've changed the few hunts caps since, but still nothing, Everything visible seems to be working, valves lighting up, all replacement caps measuring up. But one thing doesn't seem to be doing it's job properly it's the on/off, volume switch. But eventually I can get it to work, powers up but no noise. So I'm a bit lost as what I may have to try next. As I have said, I'm very much a beginner, so any suggestion will be duly noted, thanks.
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