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Default Re: Did Brimar ever make any transistors?


I'm tempted to buy a few of the Langrex transistors and see what they can do: at worst they can be used as OC71-replacements...

[I'm always intrigued by these sorts of historical wormholes - it's akin to the way someone digs-up a thighbone that's carbon-dated to the Bronze Age, and immediately a bunch of historians rush to assemble a 'structure' around it, seemingly establishing the thighbone's gender, religion and social-hierarchy placement]

Pragmatically, I worked in the late-70s with people at "Standard Telephone Labs" - STL - in Harlow. That was at least 15 years down the line from the timescale of any early Brimar germanium-transistors; they were all using TI silicon transistors [BCY3x] to drive reed-relay-coils in telephone-exchanges and looked upon stuff like ferrite-core-stores as voodoo...
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