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Default Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...

I'd be with Jim in advising a Murphy. The ordinary pre-war models can be a bit "mellow", though, and I always like console sets to justify themselves by differing from table models in more respects than just having a better loudspeaker: a floor-standing short superhet does seem a wasted opportunity. There is of course the A40C if you can find one - twelve valves plus tuning indicator and two rectifiers, dual conversion on short waves and a nice solid twelve watts or so. Or, again if one turns up, a pre-war RGD. The AM-only "batswing" Murphy sets - A146C, A188C - seem fairly easy to find still and offer exceptional sound quality (6P25s in push-pull).

German console radios do seem rare to non-existent, unless you're willing to put up with them having a record deck too. I did see a nice Blaupunkt radiogram a few years ago, upright in presentation and not much bigger than an average floor-standing radio.

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