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Default Reflex receiver circa 1960's

Hi Guys. Bit of a long shot this is!

One of the first really successful transistor receivers I built back in the mid 60's was a super-regen receiver using just an OC44 and an OC71. I'm fairly certain that the circuit was taken from Practical Wireless. I know I was still at school at the time but it could have been any time between 1964 and 1968. I suspect it was the earlier date because by 1968 I was building valve superhet comms receivers. I just wanted to see if I could trace the issue that contained this earlier circuit and possibly re-constuct it as a reminder of my first successes. Sorry I can't remember anything more about the article or who wrote it. PW was read by my brother but I preferred Radio Constructor.

Maybe someone out there who has some copies of PW that go back that far can help?



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