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Default Re: Grundig TK20 and Truvox R82. Help Required Please.

UPDATE: Just to let you all know that the speed problem was caused by the idler for 7.5ips not engaging fully with the motor speed pinion. There is a spring which provides the tension but it is not a strong tension so my attention turned to the shaft on which the idlers swivel on. I dosed the arm joints where the idlers swivelled with WD40 thinking that there might be some corrosion on the metal as it appeared to be an alloy. I left this for 24 hours after which with a bit of nudging the idler started to make full contact with the pinion but now didn't engage with the flywheel! A small adjustment by way of a couple of sharp prods on the idler arm and BINGO! connection! At the time of writing there has been no further problems with speed at 3.75 or 7.5 ips. So after all the trials and tribulations with this machine, the final cure came courtesy of the equivalent of the so called mechanics friend - the hammer!
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