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Default Re: Transferring VHS to DVD?

The price of these conversion jobs is directly proportion to availablilty yonder, you are behind the curve on this I've hoarded Pansonic DVD recorders and some VHS machines. Even then the DVD Recorders have to be encouraged like steam engines! Things haven't really changed all that much for a decade. You take a chance on anything when archiving really, unless you have all the time in the world and a knowledge of RAID technology [I don't]. The cheapo recovered HD's method sounds good but I would just get lost in content. CD Recordable stand alone machines are even rarer these days, so I use DVDA [audio only DVD] mainly. It's got longer recording times for a start and most people still have a DVD machine. I'm hoping that DVD players are so cheap and available now they will outlast me. I'm transferring 8 cassette tapes of Cider With Rosie [50p Library sale] to DVDA currently [read by Laurie Lee himself]. It works out at nearly 8 hours, the maximum on a DVD-very convenient listening. Unlike Video, there is no discernible loss of audio quality at that setting. I suspect the cheapest way to to get a DVD dubbing set up these days is to plug a VHS machine into the auxillary input on one of those record to DVD Hi Fi units they sell in R Times and elsewhere but I've not tried it yet.


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