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Default Re: New SC/MP II system

Hallo Michael,

Welcome in joining the group of enthousiasts that want to keep the sc/mp alive. And alive means working in a computer system.
You really contributed in a posititve way by giving new ideas and a fresh view. I will surely use some of them in my future designs.
The designs of elektor (elektuur in Dutch) were popular in Germany and the Netherlands. I don't know if it had a lot of followers in the UK where SC/MP allready had a group of followers with the MK14.
Most of the ideas you mentioned can be built on the existing boards I have. The speaker with LM386 and the LED connected to Flag-2 are 2 examples of easy extensions which will improve our knowledge of programming the SC/MP.

I hope you will become a frequent contributor with new ideas which doesn't mean that the older people present (I am one of them) don't come up with new ideas. Saying that meas I assume you are a younger person but of course I could be completely wrong
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