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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

Hi John,
I notice the cabinet style in those adverts in the alternative to the one that David is restoring. It has no vertical flutes on it, it has two decorative horizontal stripes and a "V" shape inlaid into the front veneer.
This is like David's own T23. I know that an American collector owned a T5 with this style of cabinet at one time.

Hi Peter,
I like the look of that early 15" set - nice and cubist
I wonder about the flicker free claim. Could it be that the earlier tube had a bit of lag built into the phosphor mixture? I've yet to establish the difference between the 15MW1 and 15MW2 crts, maybe that was it? Also the question of phosphor colour comes into play as well. We know that the EMI sets were first to be supplied with green screens, as often shown by the crossed out early tube type number on the internal labels (though it would seem that white phosphor became available to EMI just in time...).

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