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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

Originally Posted by davyrocket2 View Post
It would seem you have created a very large type of Meccano jigsaw puzzle but, I am sure your many years of servicing will get it sorted. Probably when first built the cabinet was built around the tube etc?
Hi David,
As awful as the tube mounting assembly looks now it was far worse when I acquired the set in 1993. The focus coil was mounted on three long pieces of 2BA threaded rod, the whole assembly was, well, just wobbly. Without delay wood spacer blocks were made to raise up the focus coil so that it was close to the line scanning coils. It's difficult to believe that this CRT substitution job was done by Baird Television Ltd. Or was it?

The tube was refitted this morning and the set is ready to be tested.

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