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Default Re: IRON METHOD for PCB's

Originally Posted by ChristianFletcher View Post
That paper I use Is very shiny like the peel off backing on a sticker.
As I mentioned above, I have very successfully used the old backing paper left over from CDROM label sheets (the print-your-own variety).

When you pass it through a laser printer the image sticks well enough to survive the printing process but you can quite easily wipe the print off with simple finger pressure so its adherence to the paper is very, very tenuous but, with care, the transfer process works wonderfully.

Maybe it IS down to the type of paper used. I've never used the toner transfer stuff widely advertised preferring to stick to the delicate paper process described.

It's been a while since I've rolled my own - perhaps I'll have a go this weekend just to satisfy myself (at least) that my previous success wasn't down to pure luck!

Watch this space!
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