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Default Re: IRON METHOD for PCB's

Oops I think i misread your post Kelly. Well at the end of the day it’s what works for you. That paper I use Is very shiny like the peel off backing on a sticker. The laser printer ink normally wants to transfer so I can only think your running cold. The paper I use works better than the photo glossy as I have also tried that.

I’m thinking of buying a small laser cutter and trying to burn off paint directly of a PCB. I have also been looking at Mono LCDs as used on the Resin 3D printer. I think it would be possible to directly photoplot on a UV sensitive board.

I also built a CNC router but I’m put off by all the noise and dust etc

Good luck on whatever method you use. If you are ever near Barnsley way let me know and you can have some of the release paper I use.
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