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Default Re: IRON METHOD for PCB's

I watched a Youtube on the process last night - a lot of that users emphasis was on cleaning and polishing the laminate copper with a clean using IPA before application of the artwork.
The paper they used was simple (albeit expensive) HP 'glossy'. They used the services of a local printers to get the artwork printed using their densest toner setting (normal requirements for a good result).
After judicious cleaning(!) the bare board was passed through a laminator at 150C (measured at the rollers and achieved by setting the heat adjustment pot accordingly) to pre-warm it and then through 10-12 times (as I counted) at various angles to ensure it was covered properly.
The usual 'rinse and set' revealed a perfect result.

This is no way a lesson (in boiling eggs) but simply a recitation of what I both saw and it co-incides with exactly how I do mine and in each case the results were perfect.

My own laminator is an A3 'monster' that takes pcb material rather easily - perhaps the roller has more 'give' due to its length? - and although the temperature dial on mine shows 125C as the max I suspect this isn't correct. Even though I haven't measured it and the only test I gave it was 'it's bl00dy hot when you touch it!' - lol - it seems more than adequate.

I'm slightly disappointed that your own results weren't successful since it (sort of) makes me feel like a fraud! and I'd have much preferred to hear that your results were as mine.

I'm sorry for your disappointment Wendy - it's almost as if it was my own....
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