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Default Re: IRON METHOD for PCB's

Well I said I would report back.. I bought a Cathedral Laminator "A3"
Knocked up a quick artwork to test the method.
Persuaded the laminator to accept pcb material... was a bit reluctant at first.
Pre heated the pcb material with 3 passes, without the artwork..... then I added the artwork and passed it through 4 times. Artwork on top.
Went to the sink to remove the paper..... See Photo..... as can be seen the artwork is still on the paper.. not transferred.

As I had another artwork I tried feeding again with the paper underside, as it was topside in run 1. Again preheat runs... then 5 passes with artwork........ results as before.

To me the laminator is not reaching a sufficient temperature, but as the "stat" is a mechanical one, I am reluctant to go up...... unless someone can suggest a suitable stat.
Back to the Iron Method... at least I know that works.
Anyone want to buy a Brand new A3 Laminator ?
Just bought some of that paper / material on "T" Bay.... lets see how that goes.
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Should get out more.

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