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Default Re: Beovision LX2502 manual needed?

With the manual I can help.
PM me with your e-mail address for a FOC pdf-copy.
About the faults I may also be able to help.
Intermittent refusal to turn on may be caused by a defective C28, 220uF electrolytic cap. feeding the Line Output Transistor BU508.
I seem to remember that replacing C29, 100uF power supply decoupling capacitor for the line output drive circuit is also a good idea.
Do a resoldering of the Horizontal Output Circuit against periodical pin cushion faults.
I would say the line instability problem you describe could also be caused by a defective electrolytic cap. just I don't know which one.

Remember to use 105 degree quality electrolytic cap's for replacement (Panasonic, Sanyo, Nichicon etc.)
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