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Default Re: UHF TV transmitter.

I think that we need to differentiate between 'Videosenders' and UHF transmitters.
That's where things have started to become confused here.

It seems to me that they are two different things in the eyes of the law.
The legislation is very carefully worded, it excludes amateur bands and ties it squarely (in my view) to domestic situations using 'videosenders' (a sales and marketing term, no doubt).

My own 'UHF transmitters' are thus perfectly legal - they're not 'videosenders' and not used to air, or are legal as outside the frquency range specified (they're 70 cm amateur band).

The Wireless Telegraphy Act is powerful enough in itself to stop pirates and doesn't need the help of this 'hole plugging' legislation. It was designed for a specific purpose.

BTW, there is an earlier thread on this topic.

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