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Default Re: Radio & TV books Volume No's confusion

Originally Posted by dave walsh View Post
I think Chas Miller was the first major clarifier with his article in The Radiophile Magazine ....

Yes, I believe that's the original source of the chart (albeit incomplete) in the third PDF of post #6. I haven't checked recently but I think back copies of The Radiophile can still be purchased.

Newnes' R&TVS publishing history needs to be viewed in the context of booming radio & television sales in the 1950s/60s and the consequent rising demand for repair services. For someone entering the repair trade in the late fifties the R&TVS books were an attractive proposition financially and coverage wise when compared with trader sheets or manufacturers' manuals. However, from Newnes' point of view the books were relatively expensive to produce in terms of both expertise and the level of detail required in their compilation. The abridged volume sets were a way of offering new entrants to the repair market economically attractive access to data without the need to provide information about obsolete receivers, often produced in small numbers, dating back to the forties and early fifties.

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