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Default Re: Which signal generator?

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Hi Steve,

The TF2008 seems to be a good RF generator with a quite wide frequency range from 10k to 512MHz. It providers AM,FM modulation, and also sweeping but with a limited frequency variation.
I have a HP8654B that it as also a good RF generator, but lower end limited at 10MHz.

There was a down convertor (11710B) for the HP 8654A/B and a synchronizer/counter (8655A). The 11710B can also be used with the 8640A/B.

Hi David,

Yes I know that there is a D/C for the HP8554. It includes a 50MHz LO, mixer, and filters. Not easy to find a used 11710B. May be possible to built it with a 50MHz Xtal oscillator, a passive mixer, some filters, plus one amplifier go get 0dB gain...

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