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G'day Tom and all of the other contributors.

I have an original RCA Victor manual for the AR-88LF.
I also have just about every other manual for the AR-88 radios in printed form from net downloads.
I have 2 AR-88D and 2 AR-88LF radios so I have an interest in them.
If you are looking for information to use to restore your radio you can't go past the EMER documents as they are far easier to understand than the original RCA manuals.
If you look at the valve layout in the original RCA manual it is the old style of representation. You can follow it once you get your head around it but it isn't easy to start with.
In my opinion you won't gain anything by pursuing the original book. I have it and it is no better than one of the downloaded documents.
The Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Regulation (EMER) is a far better document to work with.
There are a few more EMER docs to look at as well.

Of course if you want an original book for collector's reasons I have to agree with an above poster; best of luck.

Cheers, Robert.
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