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Default Re: Vintage 1/4 horsepower induction motor

Secondly, views of the stator. Contrary to my original posting, which I made after inspecting the motor under relatively poor lighting levels, the stator does not contain copper windings but appears to consist of rods embedded in the stator, clamped between shorting rings at each end. The stator itself seems to be made up of thin laminations, each 1/128” or 0.2mm thick.

This does confirm that the design of the motor is effectively a split-phase centrifugal switch-start wound-rotor, fed via slip rings and rotating within a squirrel-cage stator, or as I originally surmised: "a squirrel-cage motor inside-out"!

My friend has decided to make the lathe available for use by the preserved steam railway for which we both volunteer. I shall be restoring the lathe in due course.

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