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Default Re: Beovision 7102 CRT TV,schematic/advice please

Just done a google image search, found a Beovision 7100, not sure if that's the same set? Anyway I remember these and as I remember it they use the 30AX Mullard CRT, so the wedge comment above doesn't apply.

Now I never experienced scan coil failure on these CRT's, but I suppose there's always a chance, it's probably 20 years since I last worked on a set using this CRT.

However, if the scan coils have failed you should have little trouble finding replacements. I'm sure the coils were the same on every 30AX I encountered. This particular CRT was fitted to a huge range of models from many manufacturers. You'll find this CRT in most Ferguson TX10/TX100 22 and 26 inch models, Philips used it in their K30 and K40 models, Sanyo and Amstrad also used it in 2 very unreliable models (which were always a great source of a good tube)
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