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Originally Posted by mole42uk View Post
Here's some pictures of my GPSDO.

That's a great project, Richard. I've been following this with interest as I find this kind of thing fascinating.

Originally Posted by mole42uk View Post
In the images below, the front panel "Locked (1 pps)" lamp is simply a 'heartbeat' - if the system is running correctly that lamp flashes at 1Hz. The front panel 10MHz output socket is a buffered 50Ω feed to any equipment that needs it. The Jupiter GPS receiver is ex-military equipment and is the TU30-D400 version which uses 3.3V power but outputs directly to the 5V TTL on the Veroboard. The OCXO is another ex-military pull that has a pretty good specification, and the manufacturers in the USA still answer email enquiries about it!

That's pretty ingenious and it looks great, too. Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes, Al

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