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Default Re: I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

Hmm ?. I don't think I'll try that, knowing my luck I'll probably break the table !.

I don't know the detailed structure of a fusible PROM, but from reading how the programming machines work ( multiple little shots at the same fuse, not one big shot ) it does look like there is a possibilty that a re-program might work.

Although, knowing my luck, it's possible a fuse has gone open by itself. No chance of recovering that.

Before you re-program, maybe take a copy of the faulty code and see if you can deduce which bit(s) have gone wrong.

At a very long shot, it might be possible to re-program a slightly different, but functional code, by blowing existing fuses to make NOPs or a GOTO to skip the bad code. It would lose some functionality, but maybe nothing that would matter short term.

As it is, as long as my '---- --' ROMs keep working, I've got enough to start on Micky.


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