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Default Re: Telequipment D75 scope.

Originally Posted by WME_bill View Post
On the D75, you can get at the back of EHT power oscillator pcb148 quite easily without unsoldering everything by removing the securing screws and undoing the oscillator transistor on its heat sink.
Do you know any magic spell to actually do that? I just spend two hours trying to unscrew the four countersunk pozidriv screws that secure the hex shaped brass mounting posts of PC148 to the case without tearing everything to shreds. The screws did not move one nanometer and one already bad screw is now stripped. Applying more force will only strip additional screw heads. Heat treating the connection or freezing the screw driver did not work, neither did applying WD40. Finding a working screw extractor for a screw this small will be near to impossible.

I can get all the other screws on the right side panel of the case to move. However, I cannot remove them entirely because there is no way to ever get the part cylindrical, part hex shaped nuts on the other side in place again with PC148 still mounted to the side panel. Unscrewing the hex nuts on the top of PC148 is not possible either, because there is no way to get a hex socket or a pair of pliers in there. Looks like my D75 is screwed.
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