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Smile Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

Anobium Punctatum just luuuuurves plywood - in fact, it was 'introduced' into this country via Indian [plywood] tea chests! The early [cabinet] shots posted by David seem to show lots of fresh frass on the bottom of the unit - indicating live activity. So - I'd go along with everyone's counsel regarding incineration of the various remnants.

Generally, woodworm is relatively easily eradicated using 'toxic box' techniques i.e. treating all surfaces with something like Five Star Cuprinol [prior to introducing the item into your home!]. The hibernating beetles need to eat their way out of the host wood - and fly once per year in order to mate!

Treatment does not however rectify the unsightly 'flight holes' produced by these insects - albeit that a moderate attack can sometimes be carefully disguised. Fortunately, woodworm is rarely 'structural' in its effect [unlike say Deathwatch] - but it does weaken wood and expose it to other potential maladies e.g. rot/fungal attack.

And in this instance ....... David seems to have happened upon a 'rare example' !!!
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