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Default Re: Hope to start an audio amp with CV415/CV4046/TT15

Hi Tim;
At the moment things are in the air, I am using an EF91 which many say will be carp! This due to micro-phonics, noise, lack of gain etc. If it really is, (One has to consider my hearing over 8-9K is practically none existent) then I will have to go for a larger hole to fit a EF86 (9 pin rather than 7). But the end game will be to produce a PCB board if I get it working as mentioned in my previous post.

So for now it's a get it going project anyway I can, like my previous projects get it working on strip board and then use Kicad.

The transformers are on order from a Co. called Primary Windings. Again I have done a compromise as they are meant for the Mullard 5-10 so slightly lower impedance then required for the TT15, this gives me another option in switching for the standard EL84's. In which case it will require another chassis anyway.

Have fun be safe.

Ask questions and learn, or try to!
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