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Default Re: FM signal boosting

I spent time this week in the middle of Dorset. In some idle hours I was doing some SDR experiments with GNU radio and Band 2 FM was the most convenient source of signals - with a helical whip indoors at ground level I didn't expect much.

All I could find were the BBC national stations. Hardly surprising except the frequencies matched the Wenvoe transmitter. Well that just couldn't be - there is steep rising ground in every direction except a gap to the South. The frequency groups of main stations do tend to be re-used on relays but none of the local Dorset ones matched.

The only station I could find that has the correct frequency group is Ivybridge but that is just outside Plymouth. It's a very long path 100km + to the SW but quite a bit is over the sea.

No sign at all of the intended relay for the area which is about 10km South through the gap in the hills. Strange stuff RF.

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