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Default Re: FM signal boosting

The mast-head preamp has to be worth a try.

Feeder cable loss before you get any amplification in has exactly the same effect as path loss. So 3dB cable loss is the same as living 41.4% further from the transmitter. If you then add a masthead preamp, you take out this much loss. If your preamp has a lower noise figure than the tuner (not usually very difficult) then you gain even more.

Unlike bigger, gainier antennae, the preamp doesn't take any significant space.

So the priority is to get the best antenna you can, pointed accurately or on a rotator, have it up outside in the clear with minimum cable length to a weather sealed preamp (possibly peaked for the stations you want) and then good quality cable to the tuner indoors.

Look for cable with a foil layer under the braid. Satellite TV grade.

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