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Default Re: FM signal boosting

This is fascinating stuff! Mainly because of my late fathers love of classical music and R3.

He had a good enough everything (details are sketchy, but there must have been an FM antenna) to record especially interesting R3 content onto cassette and still be happy with the result.
We lived in Kent, near the top of a hill, so I guess strong signals were at hand - which from this post seems to be the best starting point.

I'm diametrically opposed here in BANES (BA1). I live in a bowl, with hills literally all around. I'd like to know where I'm actually getting a signal - it is probably bouncing off of seagulls!
I don't listen to R3 or classical music much - preferring to select the music I listen to and receive mainly talk radio (R4). This shows up interference excellently and my NAD 4020A is being fed mush from my room mounted di-pole. I've seen the stereo light go on once or twice - but that was tuning through the scale listening for something different (the Archers must have come on!).

My mind is racing (as usual) to a solution to this and the OP's issue.

If there is enough signal (enough being difficult to quantify) then there is not an issue, but when on the margins of decent reception, height seems to be important.
This height leads to long lengths of coaxial, which can negate the reasonable signal back down to marginal! I see an equation in there somewhere!
Please feel free to shoot this idea down - it no doubt has been done before, originality is difficult!

If you:
Received the reasonable signal (at height)
Rebroadcast it at a different frequency (double it as a poor example)
Then with a matching receiver capture it back in the house
Halve the signal back to originality
Put the signal into your receiver

you surely would have the best of both worlds. Modern surface mount components could have this done in the size of a box of household matches.....
It might seem overcomplicated, but the units could be calibrated to be matched, so barely any quality loss would be added to the mix.

Possible? Well my wireless headphones work up at the end of the garden, they are the same technology . . .

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