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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

Originally Posted by stevehertz View Post
This is a critical stage now as all that excellent woodwork needs to be topped with appropriate coloured lacquers and/or the use of stains beforehand. I once completely stripped a small Marconi radiogram. Once stripped, the various wood panels and edhe mouldings were different coloured woods. It was a hell of a game trying to get finishes to match up. I didn't quite achieve it! Best of luck David, I'm sure you're going to amaze us again.
Hi Steve,
on the previous page the picture of the almost completed cabinet clearly shows the different coloured woods used during the assembly. That's why I'm sure all those mass produced radios were always in a dark finish. Helps to hide some of the imperfections as well. How often have you seen that after stripping off the lacquered surfaces off old radios?


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