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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

First, a big (and humble) "well done" for what David (DFWB) has achieved here. Not many would have taken this job on. Still fewer managed to obtain such a good result.

There are probably as many opinions on the subject of finishing as there are people here. As I've said before, I personally am opposed to the use of stains for tinting purposes. By the thirties and forties, coloured toning lacquers were the order of the day for the mass marketed radio industry, and using these again will be good for originality. Moreover, when using a spray gun, their density can be controlled by mixing with the filler/base coat. One advantage here is that you gain more grain pit filling, and another from using toner is that the colours of adjacent (different) sprayed panels will tend to converge.

I think David said he is going the French Polish route here, however. I'm sure the final result will be most impressive.

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