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Default Threads announcing forthcoming events

If you wish to post about a forthcoming event that may be of interest to other members, please try to give 2-4 weeks notice if possible. This allows people to make plans and check their schedules etc.

We often get threads about events only a few days away, sometimes even on the day before. For most people that isn't enough time.

Also if we have reasonable notice we can add them to the forum calendar which means more people will see them.

Please give as much information as you can, such as location (with postcode for sat-nav), opening times, entry costs, parking arrangements, refreshments, whether you need to be a member etc. A link to the relevant page on the organiser's website would probably cover most of that for you.

It is great to hear about the various vintage radio related etc events around the country and we are keen to help promote them. Please help us to do so effectively.

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