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Default Re: Vintage Radios, TVs etc in films and on TV (not anachronisms)

Yes it was good to see the footage about Granada getting established. My daughter [27] asked what was the fuss about? I said the the BBC got a shock
My comment re the A92 wasn't just about the quality of the set [and they are nice looking] but the fact that they actually had an RF stage. It was said [I think in Radiophile Mag] that they were used at the beginning of the war until the dedicated communications receivers started to come through and this was what caught my interest. The use by Army Officers was info volunteered by an elderly chap in Milton Keynes selling his 92. It was obviously an "Officer Class" set but that useage may have just been entertainment en-route perhaps?
Either way the possibility that the "Stationmaster" Model travelled on the "permanent way" is a bit ironic in itself.

Dave W
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