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Default Re: Vintage Radios, TVs etc in films and on TV (not anachronisms)

I don't want to seem "biased" but this Northern series seems much less precious than previously. The Murphy A92 "Stationmaster" [another pun] was in period, although somewhat advanced for a working class family perhaps,so maybe artistic licence can apply? I've got one on the landing and a better one somewhere else. Apparently the Government used them at the start of the War. I was told officers had them in their troop train carriages, presumably running on a Vibrator Unit or maybe batteries?

I think I've got the same TV but in a different cabinet. Some vintage footage of TV factory work plus the same old Pathe News Train Spotting feature! The "1920's" Kitchen Range seems to be in error. No central fire or side ovens. From a much grander property I would suspect and nothing like the one that my Gran made unbeatable Bread and Butter Pudding in during the late 50's.


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