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Default Operation of a valve line output stage

Hi Chris,
the PL is the line output valve V10 (PL81), the PY is the effieciency diode V12 (PY81).

There will be two types of Cstray. Cstray is stray capacitance, ie. there is not actually a physiscal capacitor there. Remember that whenever you have two wires near each other or a wire near a metal chassis there will be stray capacitance between them. The line output transfomer will have stray capacitance across the windings and also stray capactitance between the windings and the surrounding metal work/coil core material etc..

The line output transformer (T2 in this case) can be called LOP transformer, LOPT, LOPTy, HOPT (horizontal output transformer) or the flyback transformer. These are all the same thing.

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