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Default Re: Improvising with Household Items.

Afternoon all. One day I got a phone call from my mate Gaz. His record player was making some "flatulent" noises on bass peaks. Could I bob round and have a look? I think the record player was a late 60's HMV if memory serves (this is 30 years ago) and upon inspection it transpired the speaker had been replaced a few years earlier with a rather nice 6"x9" Altai twin cone with a foam surround. His uncle, the original owner, had fitted it. Predictably enough, the foam had rotted. "Ah, it needs a new speaker" I said. Gaz asked if I had a replacement lying round. I didn't and Gaz looked so crestfallen I had to try something. I nipped back home (it was only 5 minutes away) and got my tub of Copydex. Treating the surround with the Copydex was a good enough measure to allow the speaker to live for another 5 years until Gaz bought a separates system from me.

I've also found Copydex to be ideal for when the coating of a pleated surround dries out and I've resuscitated loads of speakers with it and saved a fortune over the years.

Before that I used to use rubber solution from a puncture repair kit but it's less flexible than Copydex when set and must surely restrict the movement of the cone. Rubber solution seems much heavier too.

Regards, Paul
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