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Default Re: Improvising with Household Items.

Originally Posted by emeritus View Post
I thought I was extremely unlucky to have this happen on Christmas Eve so it cheered me up to know I am not alone.
I can go one day later...Christmas Day (some years ago). Got up early to get the oven on and the Turkey in it. Minor firework display - oven element burnt out.

Off came the side panels etc., for me to find that there were two elements in the oven - in series. One was intact. Where to find something of sufficient power handling to put in series? Answer - the grill. Duly wired up (fortunately all done with slip-on spade connectors), and the bird went in. We ate around 6.00p.m., having used the grill (which became a minor oven in itself) to deal with the trimmings, hence saving opening the oven door too often.

Dave Teague
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