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Default Re: 405-Line VHF Aerials in 2013

Because Band 1's range was 47-68Mhz for most of Europe ch B1 was not effected by co channel interference. In West Cornwall the main Redruth transmitter used B1 but re broadcast B2 from North Hessary Tor and so would re broadcast the B2 co channel interference. From 1970 they fitted a 625-405 line convertor and BBC 1 405 reception from Redruth was greatly improved during the summer months with its programme feed coming from the new Caradon Hill BBC1 625 outlet via the line convertor. The only co channel interference was some very slight patterning on the picture and slight interference to B1 audio from the lowest Band 1 French 819 line TV channel. I remember a few people in parts of west Cornwall who were out of range of the new 625 line service turning their BBC1 405 aerials to Redruth instead of North Hessary Tor to take advantage of the improved interference free reception now available from Redruth.
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