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Default Re: 405-Line VHF Aerials in 2013

Originally Posted by SteveCG View Post
I noticed you also have two UHF aerials on the chimney stack. What local TV news and weather does your mum receive? Is it London and/or East Anglia? This info can give a clue to possible transmitter sites since transmitters are grouped into regions and Local TV news and weather are regional programmes.
Its possible the dipole isn't connected to anything...could be that the poor but extant reception is simply a cable in the wall going up to the roof.

When we moved there in 1979 there was also a wire wound multiple times round the inside of the loft, would round the wooden beams at the edges. We figured this was some sort of radio reception/transmission apparatus but had no further knowledge.

She gets Anglia. In the days of analogue TV we used to get a really good Anglia signal, I always thought from Sandy Heath? We could get Central but with a lot of snow, depending on the weather conditions.

At least one of those UHF aerials on the roof still works, though she's currently using a huge one inside the loft that I had fitted in the 80s.
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