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Default Re: 405-Line VHF Aerials in 2013

Thanks for that Gulliver.

Well I double checked the lengths of the elements on your photo. The non-dipole elements are slightly longer than the dipole. In aerial design that means that they act as a reflector, and as such will be positioned on the boom furthest from the transmitter. In other words the aerial is indeed pointing to a transmitter to the south. However I cannot think of any old 405 line era TV transmitter in that direction which fits the bill. The aerial could be a VHF/FM aerial - which due to the dipole junction box being over the chimney pots has corroded connections due to coal smoke, hence you finding that it did not work back in the 80s.

I noticed you also have two UHF aerials on the chimney stack. What local TV news and weather does your mum receive? Is it London and/or East Anglia? This info can give a clue to possible transmitter sites since transmitters are grouped into regions and Local TV news and weather are regional programmes.
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