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Default Re: 405-Line VHF Aerials in 2013


I think those aerials near the Abbey hotel are both J-Beam designs by the type of junction boxes they have. In which case the Band III is a channelised design - compared to J-Beam's later broad-band offerings. Perhaps you might be interested to try looking on St Andrews road in Malvern for some more J-Beam designs on a little bungalow estate just set back from the road. They were there a few years ago: one was a combined BI & BIII, the other an 8 el Broadband Band III with a separate 'H' design whose dimensions look suspiciously like those of a Channel B3 and not the Channel B4 it should be !

BTW Oxford used horizontal polarizations on B2 and B12, but they would be weak in Malvern. I can only assume that ghosting off the Malvern Hills and obstructions like the Malvern Priory as well as the Abbey Hotel made for the compromise pointing direction.

There is an Antiference Combined X and 8 el on the roof of a Chemist's shop just beside the traffic lights in Malvern town centre that points to the Hills and not directly towards Sutton C. & Litchfield.
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