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Default Re: 405-Line VHF Aerials in 2013


Thanks to AC/HL for sorting out the pictures and to Graham for pointing out how to get the file names!

Yes SteveCG you're right, the first picture is just a few metres south of the Abbey Hotel. I fact I took the picture from the hotel steps. I guess you know Malvern quite well!

Thanks for the suggested transmitters Brian. Sutton etc. is a bit East of North from the Malverns and is the obvious transmitter to use from the Eastern side of the hills. The array in photo 1 is pointing roughly due East, so I'm guessing that transmitters in the Oxford direction would be more likely. I think Ridge Hill and Wenvoe would both be behind the Malvern Hills in the opposite direction. I don't know why they didn't use Sutton. Maybe they wanted London regional programs rather than Midlands?

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