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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

Originally Posted by peter_scott View Post
That's very interesting Andy. There is so little information about the dual standard configuration in the T5. Do you have circuit details? Also, what functions do the three (inaccessible) controls have on the bent over top of the control panel?
Hi Peter,
I wish I did have the dual standard circuit details. The circuits I have been made on a Bander Duplicator (I think that is what it was called) and were sent to the original owner of the T5 that I restored. They were sent by Bush radio after the war; the timebase circuit states "redrawn 19-2-51" and gives no clue of the dual standard arrangement.
Two of the top controls are coarse line hold and frame hold and the third one is coarse frame height. The set I restored definitely had something in the fourth spot originally.

Going back to the two coarse controls hold, these alone had enough range to get the the Baird timebase frequencies of 25Hz and 6KHz with no other component changes required. Were there four hold coarse controls before (if so was the no coarse height?) or was it only either the line or frame hold that had two coarse settings?
All still a bit of a mystery.

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