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Default Re: Dial-up bulletin boards

Originally Posted by TonyDuell View Post
On the WS2000, autoanswer (and autodial) were optional plug-in boards. I have neither in my WS2000, so I can't give any more details.
That is pretty much the answer I expected. I probably need the exercise from dashing between the two modems (probably an upstairs-downstairs job!) anyway.

Originally Posted by TonyDuell View Post
The other thing is that the mode switch has a pin that prevents you selecting the US Bell modes (which can cause problems on the UK network). If you remove the knob (the largest knob on the panel) and the nut and washer under it, it is trivial to remove said pin.
It looks like the previous owner has already done this as I am able to select the Bell 103 and 202 modes as well as the CCITT V21 and V23 ones.

Originally Posted by TonyDuell View Post
I can send you a reverse-engineered circuit of the basic WS2000 (without autodial and autoanswer as I don't have said boards to draw out) if you want it.
If you have already produced one, then yes please.
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