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Default Re: Crompton 60W bulb

I think it may be the type of bulb used in the Glow Baby, a large plastic coated wire frame sold chiefly as a bed warmer but also for general airing and clothes drying. We had one from the early '60s when I was a small child, and a few years ago the capricious urge Nostalgia prompted me to acquire an example. Just now I referred to its instruction leaflet, which doesn't directly specify the bulb type fitted, but does recommend that if the unit is to be left in a bed for more than three hours the heat lamp should be exchanged for an ordinary 25W. or 40W. lamp, "thus spreading the heat value over a longer period with perfect safety".

Hmm, so much for that idea: I went to the attic to find the Glow Baby itself, and its likely original bulb is still fitted, a 100W one, very red, with "Glow Heat" as its brand. Still, there were probably similar contraptions back in the day, when few bedrooms were heated, so it's at least a class of device which may have given employment to such a lamp.

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