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Default Re: JVC 3320 Transport Failure

Hi Peter,
It sounds as though the capstan servo is running out of lock. This will give the effect of a noise band or complete screen of noise scrolling up or down the picture. The tracking control will have no effect.

The most likely cause is missing control pulses from the audio/control head. Check that the head is clean and that the tape is passing over the correct part of the head and not being pulled up or down the head by the pinch roller.

I can't get the link to work, so can't see the effect.

I assume this is what I would know as a 3v22? Like Bobbyball, I never got to grips with the JVC numbers!

I always found the servo's to be a bit basic on the 3v22, colour being displaced sideways to the luminance or moving relative to it seemed a common effect.

I had a 3v16 once as my first VHS machine. This has much better servo's as it has trick play capabilities and I found it much more stable than the 3v22.

I do have a great fondness for these early VHS machines. From what I remember, you should be able to record and play 405 material with no problems as I'm sure there is no drop out compensator.

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