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Default JVC 3320 Transport Failure

Recently I made a YouTube of from a 405 line VHS tape and noticed ghosting. I didn't understand why this occurred but fortunately Nick (1100 man) came to my rescue in another thread:

"I found using a 3V29 to record and play 405 tapes, that the drop out compensator got in the way on playback. This caused a 'ghost' image about a third of the way across the screen. I seem to recall (I would need to look at the circuit again) that shorting out the delay line for the DOC cured the problem. 625 tapes really did need the DOC to be working though as the dropouts were very obvious.


So rather than using my Panasonic NV-FS90 for playback I thought I'd dig out my previous machine from its hibernation in the attic for 20 years. It only required one belt replacement and after struggling to remember how to re-install the cassette carrier so that the eject button still worked I eventually got it to lace up. Unfortunately, although the mechanism looks to be locking in place and the drum rotates it only transported the tape a few inches before it decided to unlace again and stop.

Any thoughts anyone? It does have the tape breakage lamp lit ok and is happy to fast forward and rewind.

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