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Default Sticking panel meter remedy.

I had a sticking panel meter, tried everything to unstick it. On about the 56th time I had it apart I noticed a white deposit on the permanent magnet or center block of metal that the meter movement sits on,and spins around. After trying to scrape it off with a bent bit of ali I fell back on that stalwart of home remedy's - vinegar.

I dripped vinegar down the appropriate parts after loosening the grub screw about 1/4 turn that sets the height and tension of the meter coil cradle. I really didn't give this much chance of working after trying scores of other remedy's, but after blowing it out with compressed air, behold,the clouds part, a ray of sunshine streams down, the needle moves freely. With a silly grin on my mush and once again believing in the benign nature of The God of Elektrickery all was good.

Forgive the flowery prose, but it is good when you fix something after trying very hard previously. As this meter was one of a pair of identical meters, the alternative was searching for another two identical meters; rarer than hens teeth or costing loads of cash. BTW, I'd tried blowing it out with compressed air previously, numerous times.

Sorry no pics, no endoscope cam, Andy.
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