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Default Re: 1920s Grebe radio 'restricted' by ebay Global Shipping Programme

This has been going on for some time. I sold a radio to a buyer abroad and had the same message, the buyer was very disappointed and objected to ebay. I don't think he got anywhere though other than a refund. A friend has had the same selling valves. I bought some valves from Russia though no problem sent direct. It seems it is just the GSP system that picks it up. I think someone must have decided the getter splash was Mercury.
Lots of overseas buyers have now stopped using the GSP because of this and the cost. They employ a forwarding company of which there are loads . You then send to them and they forward it doing the suitable customs declarations etc. Even if you make your listing UK only and block all overseas destinations they can still see and bid on your listings, it's no problem though as you just send to UK address at UK postage cost.
For this reason I now don't offer GSP and make all my listings UK only. I cannot be bothered to send abroad direct it's too much trouble!
In my experience it is no good complaining to ebay if you disagree with their policies.
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